1. Blooming flowers of fire – Iznik Tiles

The tiles have met with architecture in the first half of 3000 BC and they been used century in Islamic architecture by 9 AC.

The ceramic tile art on this land was developed in the 13th century when Seljuk architecture had reached its peak and consequently many mosques, madrasas, mausoleums and palace walls are decorated with tiles. Anatolian ceramic tile has gained a new dimension with the Ottomans in the 14th century. Iznik tiles and ceramics has become an important manufacturing center particularly between 15th and 17th centuries. The tiles produced in here have graced the walls of the palaces in capital İstanbul.

We learn that tiles are used in buildings in Istanbul are manufactured in Iznik from historical documents. The ceramics which are known Miletus, Damascus group and Rhodes work, are produced in Iznik. Flower motifs such as tulips, hyacinths, pomegranates, cloves are used in Iznik tiles. In addition, patterns like people, birds, fish, rabbits, dogs are also seen. Blue, turquoise, green and red colors are the most commonly used colours.


Adil Can Nursan Art Workshop:

This studio is engaged in the production of traditional Anatolian ceramics in idealistic and scientific way. It aims to introduce classical style of Anatolia's unique ceramic bring to light and pass this style to future generations.

The studio is active since 1984 by following the tradition of the master-apprentice. Anatolian and especially Iznik ceramics are produced with traditional methods.

2. A Living sycamore in oak barrels: Last oak barrel maker Uncle Ismail

The last soldier of handmade manufacturing oak barrels without using glue or nails in Iznik...

Nobody took over the flag and this craft will end with him...


3. Bead Making

Some count with patience, some count with gratitude...

The materials used in the construction of the bead, manufacturing phases, application trials...

( ... )

4. Wooden fruit crates and Manufacturing:

Handmade organic material against mechanic and plastic world...

They work as a family, they resist as a family...

For now….


5. Müşküle Needlework and manufacturing:

They weave their dreams to thread, thousand patterns thousand stories..

Women's the love for Needlework

6.Yılmaz Gurbetçi Painting Workshop:

Domestically and abroad participated in the many activities of the expatriate artist Yilmaz Gurbetçi, who has participated in many activities domestically and internationally, exhibits his painting studio and Art Conversations...

( Concrete Stacks becomes an Art Work ... )



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